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Professional Experience

[03.2019 - Present] Cloud Consultant, SRE, Skale-5
  • Harmonize and unify existing CI/CD processes
  • Monitoring stack based on Kubernetes (GKE, EKS, AKS, ACK): Prometheus Operator, Prometheus, Thanos, Exporters and Grafana.
  • Bespoke configuration of Kustomize manifests used by Skale-5
  • Manage GCP and AWS platforms using Terraform, Ansible, Packer, …
[10.2016 - 03.2019] Software Engineer / DevOps Tools Department, Orange Applications for Business
  • Collecting, centralizing, and visualizing client infrastructures from multiple Cloud Providers (Openstack, AWS, Azure) (Python/Golang/Kubernetes)
  • Tooling for deploying Cloud Native Applications (Kubernetes, Terraform, GitlabCI)
  • API Gateway for internale services (Golang, gRPC)
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment using GitlabCI and Kubernetes
  • Setting metrics in Cloud services (Opentracing Python and Golang, Jaeger)
  • Messaging between services using (Golang)
  • Prometheus exporters for REST and gRPC services
  • Prometheus exporter for vSphere (Golang)
  • Deployment on Kubernetes
  • Containers monitoring (Golang)
[07.2014 - 10.2016] Software Engineer / Infrastructure and Production Tools, Orange Applications for Business
  • Virtual machine management tools (VMWare / CloudStack)
  • Administration Interface for the internal Cloud
  • Redesigned Packaging, Integration and continuous tests (Golang / Docker)
[07.2012 - 07.2014] Software Engineer / Cloud Infrastructure Department, Multimedia Business Services
  • Implementation of continuous integration for the IAAS.
  • Redesign of the software architecture of the IAAS (Apache CloudStack, Jersey, Flask, RabbitMQ, Python CLI, NodeJS, StatusDashboard)
  • Packaging for the orchestrator of the CloudStack cloud Multimedia Business Services
  • Setting up a development environment and build based on VirtualBox / Vagrant / Ansible
[06.2011 - 07.2012] Software Engineer, NFC Projects Department, Multimedia Business Services
  • NFC Access Control Service for Mobile NFC Service Center (UI administration, REST web service scheduler managing the lifecycle AFSCM, cardlet, Android application).
  • Development of SP TSM (Trusted Service Manager Service Provider) bank (certification PCI / DSS, Mastercard).
[09.2001 - 06.2011] Software Engineer, Projects Departement, Multimedia Business Services
  • Application Development SMS / MMS on behalf of Orange companies media (television, radio, internet), large accounts
  • Interactive Voice Servers Development in J2EE and VoiceXML.
  • Development of web applications (web shop, intranet, tools of administration).
  • Architecture client / servers (RESTful, SOAP, XML-RPC)
  • Implementation of agile practices within the team: pair programming, Test Driven Design.
[01.2001 - 09.2001] Software Engineer, Quality Department / Axialog
  • Corporate Quality Team Thales Avionics.
  • Implementation of unit tests and integration battery
  • Implementation of project management tools on Unix.
Technical Expertise
  • Current use (personal, professional): Python, Go, Common Lisp,
  • Use only in work: Java, PHP,
  • Knowledge: Erlang, Rust, Ruby, OCaml, Objective-C
Operating Systems
  • Daily: Linux (Arch, Debian, Ubuntu), OSX
  • Knowledge: BSD
  • Organizational: Scrum, Kanban
  • TDD, eXtreme Programming
  • Servers Apache, Nginx, Tomcat
  • Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL (CouchDB, MongoDB)
  • Development Emacs, VSCode, Intellij,
  • Build: Bazel, Make, …
  • Versions managements systems: Git, Subversion, CVS
  • Virtualization: VMware Server / ESX, Xen, KVM
  • Container: Docker, Kubernetes, Nomad, Openshift Origin, CoreOS, Atomic
  • Orchestrator: CloudStack, Openstack
  • Tools: Vagrant, Packer, Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, Fabric
  • French : Native
  • English : Technique
  • Spanish : Basic
Open Source