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  • Zeiot: Docker images to use on RaspberryPI: Grafana, Prometheus, CoreDNS, Vault, Ark, …
  • Jarvis: ARM Homelab using Kubernetes (Monitoring, Domotic, …)
  • hyperion: (POC) Setup your own cloud using Kubernetes, Nomad or Rancher with Packer and Terraform
  • helmsman: A simple Text UI for Kubernetes
  • k8s-bot: IRC bot to interact with a Kubernetes cluster
  • pihole_exporter: Prometheus exporter for PiHole metrics
  • domoticz_exporter: Prometheus exporter for Domoticz metrics
  • speedtest_exporter: Prometheus exporter for Speedtest metrics
  • kodi_exporter: Prometheus exporter for Kodi metrics
  • vision: A system monitoring and log collector based on Docker
  • warhol: A simple Docker image factory system
  • kzenv : Kustomize version manager mainly inspired by tfenv

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  • divona : automated configuration of a personal environment using Ansible collections: Linux, OSX and Windows
  • galactus: Terraforming for uniformization
  • scame: Emacs personal configuration
  • miv: Neovim personal configuration


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  • happy: Set all your Gitlab projects master branches to be protected
  • aneto : A backup tool using Amazon Glacier
  • enigma :A safe with multiple storage backend (Amazon S3, BoltDB, …) and secret provider (Amazon KMS, GPG, AES, …)
  • guzuta: A CLI to manage personal open source contributions
  • abraracourcix: A simple URL Shortener (gRPC and REST API) with multiple storage backend supported (BoltDB, Badger, LevelDB, Redis, …)
  • iris: A simple cadvisor client to monitor Docker containers.
  • geronimo: Analyse of your open source projects with Elasticsearch and Kibana
  • shiva: A simple DHCP server
  • skybox: Collecting metrics from a box provider and exporting data
  • mert: My own terminal emulator
  • actarus: A lightweight web browser based on the webkit web browser engine
  • blinky : Display system informations and/or ASCII distributions logos.

Development / Python Link to heading

  • kylin: Library to read Teleinfo frames

Emacs Link to heading

  • scame : An Emacs configuration.
  • gotest.el : Emacs mode to go unit test command line tool
  • emacs-gitlab : A Gitlab client for Emacs
  • emacs-travis : A Travis client for Emacs
  • phpunit.el : Emacs mode to phpunit and test command line tool
  • sift.el : Front-end for sift, a fast and powerful grep alternative
  • ripgrep.el : Front-end for ripgrep, a command line search tool
  • socyl: The emacs frontend for several search tools: ag, pt, sift, ripgrep, …
  • dyonisos : A music player for Emacs
  • timonier: Manage Kubernetes cluster from Emacs
  • marcopolo : An Emacs client to the Docker registry / Hub API
  • el-opensourceorg: Elisp API Bindings to the OSI License API
  • emacs-markdownfmt: Format Markdown in emacs using markdownfmt
  • cloudstack-mode : An Emacs mode to control cloudstack infrastructure
  • fabric.el : Emacs mode to Fabric

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